Australian First: Sprout Secures MindSight™ for Deeper Insights

It was one thing to be at a conference known as NIMF (yes, that’s a real acronym – seriously!). But it was quite stunning to find myself the only Aussie present at the Non Conscious Impact Measurement Forum (NIMF!) in New York late last year. The world’s leading behavioural economics and neuroscience experts were all there, and I was thrilled to be amongst them.

I was on the hunt for new ways to develop deeper insights, that would allow us to uncover the full human story for our clients.

I reached out to a number of the presenters and we can now bring these techniques to Australian researchers and marketers. Sprout is the exclusive agency for MindSight™, a leading-edge neuroscience tool that unlocks the emotional brain, to get to the heart of what really motivates our decisions. Our researchers have spent the last 12 months, training in this research speciality.

We’ve long known that how people feel is just as important as what they say and do. System 1 (the non-conscious) ultimately comes before System 2 (the conscious or rational).

As a researcher for more than 20 years, the really exciting thing is that now, for the first time, using these new tools and understanding System 1 is really scaleable. We can cost-effectively and using large samples, understand a new layer of people’s emotions. This is a game-changer for the research industry.

As a researcher, I love connecting the dots and telling the stories that flick big lights on for our clients – and now this can be done with more depth and clarity than ever before.

Understanding not just what people say and do, but how they feel at a non-conscious level is for me the holy grail for building strong brands and customer experiences.

This also led us to a re-brand to ‘Sprout Research – The Human Story’, where we combine true system 1 and system 2 research techniques. I’m delighted that many of our clients are embracing these new techniques, discovering new and original insights that are reshaping brands and customer experiences.

This is just the start, stay tuned. If you want more information go to or email