Gen Z: Ambitious Micro-Entrepreneurs … Watch Out World!

Gen Z are the most ambitious generation of all.
They will develop ideas, co-create and collaborate.

Yes … we keep banging on about Generation Z! We are obsessed with these fascinating young people and learning more and more about how we can engage them and align with their emotions, needs, behaviours and attitudes. Armed with this knowledge of their human story we can help our clients transform their businesses.

As part of Sprout’s annual study eMotivate, we speak with Generation Z and specifically seek to understand their emotional motivations in life. We overlay their values, behaviours and attitudes. One of the many insights we have uncovered about these young people is that they are the most ambitious generation yet. But not in the ‘suit wearing’, ‘degree collecting’ way of Gen X or the slightly entitled way of Millennials. Gen Z honestly want to set themselves up and do well in life without status, they are prepared to take their time to get things right.

They have grown up in a different world, with technological advancement as the norm for them. They are empowered to create ways to make money, learn and grow. They can create micro-online businesses and opportunities that previously where not available to generations before them. We’ll see Brittany studying, running a business making cushions and selling on Etsy, paid as an influencer on Facebook/YouTube and collaborating with friends on something cause related!

What does this mean for us as brands and businesses? We need to recognise this ambition and provide ways for Gen Z to feel they have achieved, feel empowered and that they can collaborate and co-create with us.

Author: Kerry Dymond, Sprout Cultural Insights Specialist

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