How to modernise brand love: A look into the top brands Australians have been crushing on.

Our annual Mood of Australia Report reveals which brands Australians are crushing on.

We love these brands for their products, experience and authenticity, with Apple, Nike and Samsung stealing the hearts of Aussies nationally.

Against a backdrop of anxiety and upheaval, The Mood of Aussies reveals that we want to feel more empowered in 2020. Here’s how the top 3 are delivering to that emotional need with products, experiences and authenticity:

They keep products fresh – When Australians are asked why they love these brands, their top answer is their products.  Pretty solid reason from everyday humans! What makes the products of these 3 brands stand out?

  1. They keep their products relevant. Releasing and revitalising products to meet the emotional and functional needs of their customers
  2. Their products are digitally astute. Products that seamlessly integrate offline and online worlds
  3. Their product strategy includes brand and experience. Their product delivery is an emotionally charged experience!

They double down on experience – service is still a key driver on brand love. What makes the experiences of these 3 brands stand out?

  1. Their experiences deliver to our dominant emotional need – they make us feel empowered
  2. They provide joy and respite, against a backdrop of stress and worries
  3. Their digital experience paves the way for humans. They aim for experiences that are deliberately human

They walk the talk – consumers align themselves with brands that demonstrate authenticity. Here are some not so obvious ways they deliver authenticity.

  1. They know the human experience – they know their customers’ human story and ensure their values align with their customers
  2. They speak to human experience – they engage authentically with their customers
  3. They live the human experience – they are current and reflect the culture of our times

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