Elevating the human story in a changing world.

The world has changed. Consumers have changed. The challenges facing our clients continue to change. This radically evolving eco-system requires new approaches, new thinking and new skills.

At Sprout, we leverage our deep understanding of humans to reduce the gap between insights and action with behavioural science and human centred design underpinning our services in intelligence, human experience and strategy & activation.

We also uncover new insights and previously undiscovered solutions by applying new tools, experimentation and integrating learnings from the best experts across the globe.

Our Capabilities Include:

As the human story shifts, we’ll help you focus on the future by understanding what has changed and how to adapt.

Our Values

Embrace everything
that makes us human.
Shape the future
with a team like
no other.

Seek out the possibilities
and aim high.
Find new ways to
create solutions not
yet imagined.

Bring transformative
thinking to the table.
Remain agile and
fearless in identifying and
harnessing opportunity.

Thrive on the pursuit
of life-long learning.
Collaborative, investigate
and learn from the game

Be enterprising
and inspiring to others.
Fiercely drive new ways
to advance human

A team like no other

We have purposefully built a team like no other to answer the challenges our clients face and to design solutions not yet imagined.

We collaborate across disciplines, skill sets and personalities to develop new approaches in research methods and strategic solutions. Sharing a growth mindset and insatiable curiosity, we embrace the trailblazing spirit.

Elisa Adams
Elisa Adams
Natasha Jarrah
Natasha Jarrah
General Manager
Rebecca Wilson
Rebecca Wilson
Director of Human Experience
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith
Director of Research & Strategy
Kerry Dymond
Kerry Dymond
Director of Qualitative Research
Kaysee Felgate
Kaysee Felgate
Research Analyst & Account Manager
Kate Harrison
Kate Harrison
Account Manager
Nicole Cox Yeates
Nicole Cox Yeates
Brand Strategist & Service Designer
Callum Adams
Callum Adams
Graduate Analyst
Lily Adams
Lily Adams
Executive Assistant
Max Adams
Max Adams
Happiness Specialist

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