Rapid, cost effective and adaptive approaches to engage, explore and collaborate with humans.

Agility means establishing processes and tools … not just ‘going faster’ with your hair on fire.


The market is changing fast, I need to deliver a message to my customers, employees….

I need to quickly test a key message, campaign direction, or creative asset.

I also need to capture emotional resonance and likelihood to drive behavior change.


We need to innovate or finetune propositions quickly in response to changing market conditions.

I need to quickly test ideas and concepts for appeal, relevance and business fit.

I need inputs to quickly optimise idea directions and prioritise.


I need to talk to my target customers or employees to quickly address knowledge gaps.

I want to understand the current mood and emotional state of mind of my customers or employees. 


Robust online testing that supports client involvement.

Digital deployment and workshopping options.

Implicit and Behavioural Economics Tools embedded.

Curated ideation exercises proven to drive creativity.

Fast turnaround on Analysis and Reporting.


Digital Groups

• 2 hr session(s)

• 1+ groups. Big samples possible (simultaneously)

• Discussion based

• Multiple moderators

• Platform based tech

• Virtual Client Workshop

Digital Narratives

• Longer session  2hrs  +

• Longitudinal option

• Small to big sample

• Discussion & activity based

• Platform based tech + Mobile apps (FB, WhatsApp, Messenger)

• Virtual Client Workshop

Virtual Depths

• Field: 1 hour – 1 day

• Virtual face to face

• One on one

• Discussion & activity based

• Platform or Zoom based tech

• Virtual Client Workshop

Virtual Tribes

• Field: 1 hour – 1+ day

• Virtual face to face

• 2+ people

• Discussion & activity based

• Platform or Zoom based tech + Mobile apps (FB, WhatsApp, Messenger)

• Virtual Client Workshop

How do we ensure high quality?

Agility is delivered by process improvements not through compromising quality. 

We guarantee the highest standard of quality by using only senior researchers and strategists. Our analysis is rigorous and exhaustive, developed using the principles of human centred design (HCD) and behavioural economics (BE).

How do we keep the cost down?

We keep costs low through efficiency gains. These gains have come from investment in tech, analysis frameworks and shorter/sharper outputs.  

How do we make it faster?

We have done the hard yards and ideated about how to compress time at each step. Working with our suppliers, using new tech and our experience in qualitative research, we’ve improved the process, built the team, built the templates, set up the tech.

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