What is Your Social Responsibility Strategy?

While environmentalism empowered Millennials, social equality will be the motivation that fuels Gen Z’s passion.

Honesty is one of the top two values for Gen Z! (Along with enjoying life.) (Sprout’s eMotivate 2016/2017)

While we at Sprout learn more and more about this elusive generation, generation Z, we are struck again but the significant shift in values amongst young people that have implications for our social and corporate reputation strategies.

Today, our teenagers live by equality. Now racial and gender divides have disappeared. Gen Z expect to be represented in media as an equal and representative generation.

Authenticity and trust are also at the forefront! This is a generation who expect tailored brand experiences, they have never known a phone that wasn’t smart, an ad that wasn’t targeted. As a result, they demand highly personalised brand experiences.

We as brands need to look inwards and discover our reputation heartland so that we can deliver compelling and authentic brand experiences to a new dynamic generation.

We, at Sprout, always look to the human truth in all we do. So we consider the Trust Equation. Where is brand trust for young Australians today. More and more, having a credible, reliable and intimate relationship is critical, but for younger generations this goes further, and we need a brand to demonstrate a real self-orientation around what is delivered. Can we deliver beyond our bottom line? Can we be socially responsible? Is our brand/corporate reputation strategy strong? Are our comms showing this generation as racially and sexually equal?

Author: Kerry Dymond, Sprout Cultural Insights Specialist

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